Power raking with 3 HP B&S


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Question Power raking with 3 HP B&S

I got a lawnmower (my first) for free (in pieces) that a friend had tried to repair the recoil rope on and gave up. I put it all back together, and started it up today (first pull!) and went to start power raking my yard.
It seemed to be running slow (though I have never heard it run before) and it was bogging down a bit. The grass wasn't overly long or heavily thatched.
Is it possible that a 3 HP is too small to power rake? The tines were set to be about " from the ground.
I couldn't see any way to speed the motor up, the throttle appears to be maxed out. Is there something else that I could have assembled incorrectly that would cause the motor to run more slowly than it should? Carb linkage?
Motor is a Briggs & Stratton model 95902 type 3107 date code 96011751.
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Hello: Microfiche. Welcome to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

Several factors and issues here, all in one question. Each needs to be expored to determine the causes.

The machine is a lawnmower. The task is detacthing, not mowing.

A dethatching device or blade can be installed on a mower but the machine is not designed specificially for that task. Detaching is a much more difficult task for the machine than mowing.

Thus, the engines horsepower is under sized for the task. A 3 1/2 HP engine is undersized for the loads being placed upon it. Engine bogging down is a symptom and also a clue. That's just one more factor.

A means to compensate for the under H/Powered engine is to take narrower cutting paths and go slower. Keeping in mind the engine is still working much harder than cutting grass. Thus more engine heat is being generated also.

Engine speed cannot accurately be determined by sound. A small engine tachometer is needed to determine the engine rpm's. 3600 RPM's is max. 3400 to 3550 RPM's is the ideal range. Find and use a tach, if possible.

There is always the possibility the engine speed is running too slowly. Maybe caused by any one or more factors.

A dirty air or fuel filter can be one of two potential problems.
Another could be a >restricted fuel flow problem.<
Another could be engine timing.
Others could be throttle linkage adjustments, governor linkage and or throttle cable or throttle adjustments.
A defective or restricted muffler could be the problem.
Carb screw(s) & or setting(s) could be incorrectly set.
Low engine compression is possible.

There are plenty of potental problems. There are plenty of unknown answers to questions. To determine the exact cause will require more detailed info supplied to the small engine professionals and diagnostic procedures for you to perform.

Most likely I haven't covered all of the possibilities. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals in the forum may be able to offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies.

Small engine repair parts, generic repair manuals and additional help are all available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops in your area. Shops and dealers are listed in the phone book directory.

If you need further assistance, use the reply button. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically & keeps all communications in this one thread.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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