weedwacker string keeps binding


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Exclamation weedwacker string keeps binding

I have an electric weedwacker and whenever I use it, the string (plastic cutting cord) continually binds up. I was careful to ensure that I was winding it in the correct direction. No matter what I tried, the cord would become wedged in between the rest of the wound up cord. I tried winding the cord in different ways, but nothing seemed to help. I don't have the instruction manual, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help.
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Exclamation weedwacker string keeps binding

When you goto wind the spool,move the spool round & round and keep string pilled tight so as no to cause slack in windings.That's is all the book will tell ya.But any string trimmer weather it be gas or electric, whenever the cutting head starts getting hot will make the line inside "fuse" together.I've been working on trimmers for 25+yrs.and I wish that someone would tell me how to stop this from happening too.
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Monofilament line

I don't know how old your trimmer line is, but if it is left over from last fall, it likely has dried up. This will cause it to bind. Even if it is newly bought, I recommend you take all that you have and submurse it in a pail of water, since it could have been on the shelf from last year. You will have to weigh it down since monofilament line is porous (therefore it will tend to float) and let it soak for 12 or so hours. Soaking it in water will restore it back to the flexible line it should be, thereby reducing the chance of it binding in the spool.
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Cool re: string binding


Very nice tip! Had never thought much about the drying out issue on mono line.

Ohhh..I replied to your PM so you do have my number at home. Give me a jingle if you like.

Seems like we live close to each other.

If you did not get the PM let me know


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PM from Snow

Got it my friend...I'll be in touch.

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