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re: Lawn Boy mower questions

Hello All:

Snowman is mowing now, but may have to clear snow next week. Who knows?

Anyway, I have a small yard--just a bit under 1/2 acre-- and am using an MTD 38" cut lawn tractor for most. Bought it new 2 years ago at Sam's club for $500 and it's been decent machine. I know it's not a Deere but the price was right. 12.5 HP Briggs and runs like a champ. Only thing I've ever had to do was replace the battery and lube the starter bendix. That I change oil more ofent than required is a given. brother was living in NYC so I was using his old Lawnboy--one he had never cared for properly. Still ran but not well and surged a lot, also a bear to get started unless it was in the sun--which my brother and Dad thought was just fine *Arrgh!*

Cleaned out the carb on his and replaced fuel ines and it ran OK.

Now we get to yesterday and my eventual questions:

My neighbor asked me over to help him start his mower. He's 72 and has not used it for 5 years as his arthritis is getting worse all the time and he hates mowing, but bought it when he lived in Alaska to keep his wife happy for the small patch of green she insisted upon for the 100 acres place they had. Turned out he wanted to see if it had compression or would start as he was having a garage sale and wanted to get it out of the place.

I had fresh fuel at a 32:1 ratio and put in a bit and it started on the first pull.

He was asking $75, which I offered him on the spot. Later he came by and told me he'd not accept a penny over $50. Finally refused anything over $40.

Good deal? It's been meticulously cared for and has the side bag, mulching plate and thatching blade. Looks as if all I need to do now after some cleaning is wax it and sharpen the blade

It is a Lawn Boy Model# L21ZPN
Serial# G214B0750

This is the one with a steel deck and the 4 HP F-series engine, according to the individual I spoke to at Lawn Boy. Their website does not offer much info compared to Ariens--and this is where I need help or verification, I know it has a steel deck, but need more info on the engine.

I'm told the engine is an F-series and that these were manfactured from 1989 to 1991--but that mine was manufactured by OMC before it was sold or they outsourced. Can anyone verify or help on that? My brother's machine appears to be a later model as the SN on his is H061C386.

I have been told the plug should be a Champion RJ 12C (or equivalent--I prefer NGK) gapped at .035.

This is a sweet little machine. Not self propelled but light, easy to push and will be fine for the tight spots around the bird feeders I can't reach with the rider. Have to say I'd hate to do my entire lawn with it though.

I'd love to have the original manual for this and also a source for touch up paint or a paint code # I can take to a local supplier.

Sorry for the length of this message.


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give this site a look see and I think you will find what ever you need....I just came across it myself yesterday and found it quite interesting.
Let me know if this helps.

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re: website

Hey Snoman:

Had already been there and did not find the info I needed.

I did call around today and found the paint I need for touch-up but it's a 50 mile drive.

While there is a dealer 10 minutes from me who has it, I'd drive 500 miles before I spent a penny at his shop. Heck, even the Toro sales rep refuses to see him so the district manager has to go make the calls.

OK..not sure about 500 miles but I did drive over 100 miles for a $2.25 part I needed when I could have gone for a ten minute drive and paid $5.50. It was NOT about the price.



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