Lawn Mower Recommendations for new Marathon II lawn


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Question Lawn Mower Recommendations for new Marathon II lawn


We just had a new Marathon II lawn put down. The instructions simply said "use a rotary mower." I went to the home improvement store today and there were so many mowers and I had so little knowledge. None of the mowers write-ups used the word rotary, so I don't even know what means yet.

Any recommendations on what would be the best mower to purchase??

thank you so very much.
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A rotery is just a regular mower with a blade Parallel to the ground that turns around and around. In order for me to recomend you a good mower you must first tell me how much land you have. We must determine weather a push mower is good enough, or a self propelled. And if you have alot of land, than a lawn tractor would suite you. Do you have a hill on your land? All of this depends on your budget too. What your willing to afford. Get back to us with the propper information so we can help you better.
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A rotary mower is the power mower most think of when you say lawn mower. Marathon II should be cut 1.5 to 2 inches. If the space is not too large you can use a manual push reel mower, gaining exercise along with a smoothly cut lawn.

Hope this helps.
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more information

thank you for the replies.

here is the additional information:

small lawns - 4 components that total about 3000 square feet hills...can afford whatever is responible.

thanks again,
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Hello Coookie!

I think a regular small inexpensive push mower would do well for such a small amount of grass to cut. With regular maintainence and care, it should last a long time. If you don't like the idea of pushing a mower, a self-propelled unit will make it easier. I would reccomend a mower with the higher rear wheels. They are much much easier to push and maneuver.
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What did you end up getting?

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