Troy Built Tiller Tines Unit Change

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dan barnes
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Troy Built Tiller Tines Unit Change

I have two old Troy Built rototillers. They are both the same except the tines. I want to change tines units from one to the other. The tiller that works has round tines that are okay for some jobs, but I want the bolo tines from the other one because it cuts the soil up better, etc. Plus, a few of the round tines are missing, making a narrower path. Anyway, someone said just to take the nut or bolt off the ends and the whole unit will come off and I can replace them that way. Is that true? I couldn't budge them, but, if I find out for sure that is the right way, I'll possibly heat it or something. Thanks
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Hello: Dan

Some aspect is missing and or not understood. Excuse me for that.

If the two machines run, why change the tilling units. Use the other machine.

Which means you are asking the question to interchange or change the units and I am concluding based on only that info, the other machine does not run?

Can't the tines only be removed? Or are they welded on?

Something like a clue is missing here. Kindly provide more detailed info so someone and/or myself can help you.

Use the reply button to update the post. Thanks

Sharp Advice.
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OK,hiya Dna

I used to work at a rental store working on and keeking all their equipment up.And had to replace/change our tiller tines out a lot.Diging in the dirt all the time thay got rusty/grungy and was exstreamy hard to come off.Now you said that both tillers was the same but tines.the one with bolo tines didn't run but the other one did.And you prefer the bolo tines.My question being,why not just switch engines??
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Hello Dan!

Those tines can be harder than japanese arithmetic to get off. A torch, plenty of PBlaster (penetrating spray sold at most auto parts stores) and some more of the torch might eventually get them off. Or not...

If you work with them enough, they'll give up eventually. Keep soaking and heating...might get lucky on the first try. Oh...a real torch, like an acetylene torch with a rosebud tip would do miracles compared to a regular small propane torch.
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I'll second that!

Propane will not do the trick. You will need Oxy/Acetylene. Beware of the obvious, potential fire hazard.
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My TB 'Horse' was born in 1978. I've re[laced the bolo tines three times.
Surprisingly, the tines have come off fairly easy without any heat.

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dan barnes
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One of my tillers is all worn out, bad seals, etc. The other is the good one with the working engine, but it has the round tines with a few missing. Anyway, I was able to stop in at a shop and the guy told me that I CAN take the whole units off with that bolt or nut. Thanks for your replies. Now I will put the effort in to get them off, since I know that is how to do it. Thanks again.

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