Deere with Kawasaki stalls


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Deere with Kawasaki stalls

I have a Deere JE75 walk behind with a Kawasaki 6hp engine. About 5 years old. It starts and runs fine when the choke is set, but as soon as you move the lever to any position other than full choke, it dies. Immediately. There is no run on whatsoever. It seems like either the fuel is being shut off or the electrical is shutting down. I have checked the obvious, like the cap vent and fuel supply line, and they are fine. It seems like it should be a fuel problem, but it shuts down so fast it's like throwing a switch.

Any thoughts?
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When ever an engine just shuts off,like a switch has been cut off it's in the ignition system.Trace the kill wire that comes from the coil and disconnect it.Make sure that it doesn't touch anything.
Next start you engine,if it still quits check the spark.If you have no spark then replace the ignition coil.(P/N - AM121796) That's a John Deere number,but it might be cheaper from lawnmower shop who sales Kawasaki parts.

Ya see,when ever an electric ignition coil goes bad,it shuts down.Wont fire again till the mechine cools off.Could be the exciter,but I don' think so.When these goes bad,there's no geting them to work again.(john deere P/N - 131992

If your engine doesn't quit,it's a bad ground wire.

The coil is located under the top cover of the engine(recoil housing)

I'll try posting a picture,mite not work.never done that on we'll see

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Its possible that its the ignition system, but I think its your carb. I would take the carb apart and clean all the ins and outs really good with Automotive Gumout carb cleaner. Let us know how it goes.
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Hello Keen!

I agree, if it runs fine on choke (which it should only run terribly on choke), and it quits when you open the choke, then the carb is restricted. You will need to clean it.
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Update on stalling Deere with Kawasaki

You guys were right. The main jet in the carb was plugged. Funny, it looked more like corrosion than debris. It was that kind of whiteish corrosion you usually find on oxidized aluminum. I have never seen it on brass before, but you learn something new every day. I cleand the jet out with a tiny needle, put it back together, and now it runs like it used to at all speeds.
I was really surprized that it ran so well just on choke with no main jet.

One other thing maybe you can help with. It mows like a champ, and runs very steady and strong when the blade is engaged, but when the blade is disengaged and there is no load, the engine surges up and down by maybe a couple hundred RPM. It has done this for several years. It doesn't affect the mowing, but it is a bit annoying. Maybe a carb adjustmet?

Thanks again for all your help,
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This is common on rotary mowers with blade brakes, although if all is OK then this shouldn't happen. This problem is related to the carburetor...something I call a governor hunt. I suggest doing a thorough carb service, not just the main jet you cleaned.
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As Puey61 would say. Remove the carb and soak it in Nappa #6401 carb cleaner for 20 minutes.

Nappy #6401 is very strong. If your carb has any plastic or rubber parts, remove them before dipping in the solution. This carb cleaner will eat away plastic and rubber. Wear protective glasses too.

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