Fuel tank to carb connection loose


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Fuel tank to carb connection loose

On an old Craftsman chipper/shredder with vertical engine, the Lauson carburetor receives fuel from the tank's rubber hose via a metal elbow that inserts into the carb body. Fuel was leaking out around this elbow, so I pulled it out of the carb simply by pulling on it. It was not attached to the carb by fasteners or threads, maybe just a press fit? Also, there was no gasket or O-ring sealing it in the carb.

How should I seal this elbow and keep it from vibrating out? The elbow has a nipple shaped simply like a round tube about a half inch long and 3/8 in diameter. I put a small O-ring of a suitable size in the hole in the carb and pressed the elbow back in, but it is not a very tight fit and I am afraid it will vibrate loose and dump fuel onto the hot engine.

The thing was this way when I got it, don't know if parts were lost by the previous owner, but couldn't see any obvious place for a clamp or clip that would have held the elbow in place. I guess it should go without saying that I hate working on stuff that has been cobbled on by someone else AND I know nothing about the machine. BTW, should the shredder blades be dull or should I sharpen them?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi there Tom.If I remrmber right the elbow that your mechine has,has got a metal straight inwhich the plastic elbow fits on by means of splinds.You should be able to pick a new one up at any small engine shop for less than $5.00.Or if not possible J B WELD will prob.hold.

But if it sucks any air from this point (since this is where the fuel line goes) your engine will not run right if at all.As far as the blades goes,I'll leave that question up to someone else.I've never sharpened any nor heard of anyone that has.So we both might learn something.
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Thanks, the elbow is metal and has no splines

Not sure what you mean by "splinds" but if you meant splines, it has none.

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Hello Tom!

Try using a small punch, drift pin, or something similar to open the end of the tube a bit so that it's diameter will increase slightly, then press it in with some red locktite at the joint. Repair guy is thinking of a different carb with a splined inlet and a plastic elbow that snaps onto it.

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