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Wink Kubota parts

I just ran into an unusual situation...I just got a Kubota T1400H in for repairs
and it was making the awfullest sound. It sounded like someone inside the engine beating it with a ball peen hammer. After disassembling it was found that the connecting rod bolts had backed out 1/4" - 3/8". This allowed the connecting rod to "bang" against the bottom of the cylinder, ruining both the connecting rod and the crank pin journal on the crankshaft... no damage to the cylinder. I believe I'm going to get a 0.025 undersize rod and see if I can find a machine shop that can resurface the journal. Does anyone know where I might buy the parts to rebuild it. The local Kubota dealer wants an arm and a leg for his parts. The engine looks like it was just rebuilt...the top of the piston was very clean and the head looks like it had a wire brush taken to it. I figured that someone had just forgotten to tighten the rod bolts.
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Hello Jack B!

As far as I know, there are no aftermarket suppliers for kubota engine parts. What engine does it have (diesel?). Don't use the old piston, rod, wrist pin, or bearings for that cylinder. The impacts it made on the head probably hrut the piston and if it comes apart, you'll have a much worse situation on your hands. ESPECIALLY if it is a diesel engine. Metal fatigue and invisible fractures are likely to be present in those parts, not to mention deformation. This is likely to be undetectable by the naked eye.
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It's gas engine OHV #GH400V 0.389L. Thanks for the suggestion.

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