B&S won't start


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B&S won't start

Hi! I read several of the postings and saw how many people ya'll have helped. Hope you can help me as well. I have a Briggs and Stratton 5.75 HP Quantum engine Throttle Free design. Model #124802 Type 2328-E1 Code 99092759. Problem started with the mower starting but it was surging and would die within about 2 minutes. Now it won't even start. I have replaced the spark plug and it is getting fire. I also got a carb kit and rebuilt the carb. It didn't seem to have any problems. I shook the float and there was no gas in it. I also placed the float in a cup of water and saw no bubbles. I replaced it with a new one anyway. Also, replaced all gaskets, washers and such. It did not look dirty at all so I did not clean it first. Should I have done this? I rebuilt carb first and tried starting and it didn't sound like mower was kicking over. Then I went back in and replaced the float and first time I pulled the cord it sounded like it kicked over but it still wouldn't start. It has gas in the carb everytime I take the carb off to try something else. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Should I try putting gas on the spark plug to see if it will start so I will know if it is carb related?


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You can try putting gas in the spark plug hole. There is probably trash stuck in the carburetor passages. Cleaning the carb well is the only way to get this trash out. Does that carburetor have an adjusting screw for the fuel mixture?
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Good job on your own trouble shooting!

Yes, I agree. A carb cleaning is in order. Use Automotive Gumout Spray Carb Cleaner to clean every nook and cranny of the carb, including all jets. Once your done, if you need help with carb adjustments, let us know. Let us know how it goes.
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Hello Amanda!

Remove the screw that holds the bowl on. It (the screw) has a small hole going through the side of it, and one going through the center. Clean them out well and you'll probably be fine.
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Any luck yet?

How'd you make out, doing as cheese posted?

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