opinions on grass trimmers?


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Question opinions on grass trimmers?

which brand has worked well for you and how long?

which model?

does the size of the engine make a difference for you, how so?

why do you like your grass trimmer what do you not like about it?

do you think the 4 cycle style is better, why or why not?

which attachments would you like to have that you think you'd realistically use for home use?

what would you recommend for a home use application only trimming for about 3 months out of the year?

do you have any favorite websites you like for repair or trimmer machine parts availability or reference?

this would make a great reference for new buyers if you would include your opinion, thanks.
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Gas Trimmers…
Just as there are many people out there trying to figure out what lawn mower they need to buy this season, they are also buying a new trimmer or maybe there first. In order to decide which trimmer is best for you, you need to think about where your going to use it, how often, and how much your willing to spend. Many models offer different horse power engines, curved or straight shaft, and split shafts for use of attachments.

A low end consumer trimmer may offer a 20cc engine with a curved shaft for light duty trimming and the occasional user. Other light duty trimmers have a 25cc engine with a straight shaft to make it easier to get under things. A commercial duty trimmer may offer a range from 31cc to 50cc, and include many features such as a split shaft to add attachments such as a blower, edger, hedge trimmer, and tiller.

Light duty trimmers will cost from 90 to 200 dollars while still giving you good quality to get the job done. While commercial trimmers will cost 300 to 1000, delivering superior quality, long life, less maintenance, and engine power. The choice is yours depending on how much your willing to spend.

Electric Trimmers…
Electric trimmers are powered by a cord and have light duty motors. Electric is great because you don’t have to worry about a engine braking down. Buying gas and oil to put in the engine. You do away with all of that. And they are quieter too. The only thing you have to worry about is pulling a cord behind you. Many stores sell electric trimmers.
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The one I have used the most is a ryobi eletric model. It has the motor at the top and you can hold it by the center handle and it will balance perfectly level, it never let me down either, plus it has a nice two string cutting head. The bad things about it is that it is actually heavier than a gas trimmer, also the center handle is smaller than most handles and that seems to add to the discomfort from the weight. After using that one for a few years and then using a gas trimmer, it is very obvious that a gas trimmer has WAY more power and it actually lighter. I have used a homelite gas trimmer and it was extremely light and powerful, I think it costs about $60 or $70 new. I have also used a new craftsman pro model that is a trimmer/brush cutter. With the trimmer attachment it has plenty of power and works great it heavy tall weeds. But the brush cutter attachment works harably in weeds, it is only good for small trees and thick weeds. It is kind of difficult to start because it is totally unbalanced, all the weight is on the cuttinghead side. Trying to start it by holding the throttle is almost impossible since you need to rest the shaft on something so the cutting head don't hit anything. Plus the center handle is too tall. Using this trimmer is very tiring but as for as power, it has plenty and then some.

Here is a picture of the craftsman:

Here is the ryobi:

Here is the homelite:
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Hello Troyandmarsha!

1: Robin and Stihl have worked well for me. Echo, Husqvarna (commercial end), and Shindaiwa are some other very well built machines and are on the top of the scale. For the homeowner, you can do well with using a high grade piece of equipment and not having to worry about it, or you can also fare well with a low-end unit and replace it when it breaks.

2: I have had several models of both tyhe robin and stihls...All of them I've used were good machines.

3: The size of the engine does matter. The larger the engine, the more power you have to turn the attatchment on the end of the shaft. Larger engines are definitely better on edger and tiller attatchments.

4: I have no complaints I can think of about my trimmers.

5: I like 2 stoke, but I am not very qualified to answer this question, because 4-stroke trimmers have not taken on in my area. I never get to see them or work on them. 2 stroke engines generally have a better power to weight ratio.

6: I only use a line trimmer head....no attatchments on mine. The attatchments are usually too hard on the engine and flex shaft and causes too many breakdowns. Also, trimmer attatchments don't usually do a satisfactory job for me. If I wnat to edge, I use an edger, not an attatchment on my trimmer. Sometimes I use the line on the head, just turned sideways. If I want to till, I use a tiller.

7: For only 3 mos. a year, I think you'd be better off with an electric trimmer if you can get away with it (extension cords can be a pian if you have a large place to trim). The reason for this: Gas trimmers are prone to carburetor problems when left to sit for months at a time with no usage.

8: Of course I have a favorite site for repair! Right here!

Hope this gives you some useful answers to your questions!
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My too cents!

Follow cheese's advise while choosing and this little tidbit as well: Of the many 4-cycle trimmer engines I have come across, there isn't one that I'm impressed with. Until the technology improves or live in a state where they are mandated, I would stay away from these.

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