Toro Weedtrimmer - Will not start


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Toro Weedtrimmer - Will not start

Looking for some help... I have a Toro Gas weed trimmer that refuses to start. The previous year, it would take forever to start (prime blub, a few pulls in the choke position, and then a few dozen in the middle position). Now, it even try to turn over. I began taking the exhaust off, and then looked at the top of the carb and shrugged my shoulders. I have no clue where to start on this beast. It looks like I may need a couple new hoses as they are a little orange looking. I pulled the spark plug out and it looks damp with gas.

Any help... I saw the two screws previously mentioned on another thread. First time small engine repair, be kind.

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OK, that is your first problem there. If the sparkplug is wet than it is fouled. And therefor, it will never start. Remove the sparkplug with the appropreite socket sise and take down to your local small engine repair shop, or automotive parts store, and get an replacement. Let us know if this gets it started.
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Thank you for your reply... I will head down to the local automotive store and pick one up tonight. Hopefully, I will be able to give you a status this week.

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While you're at it

When you do have the new spark plug (make sure it is correct, the local automotive store may not have a cross reference) and before you install it, push the plug into the lead and then rest it on something metallic, pull the starter over (as if trying to start the engine) and check for spark. Spark should be blue, not white in color. If white, then you may have ignition trouble. If this is the case, post back.
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Clean the carb too!

I dont know how similar your weedeater is to mine but, I had a similar problem with my craftsman. Although I never got fuel on the plug, My worked fine and then all of a sudden it was hard starting. I took the rather simple carb apart carefully and cleaned it as recommended by cheese.

Does your primer bulb return when pushed? That was a sure indication that the carb needed to be cleaned. There is a mesh screen inside that had a bunch of crud on it, but I cleaned all of the passages with compressed air.

It works just fine now.


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