Choke Problem?

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Choke Problem?

I posted this earlier as a reply. Maybe I should have done it as a new thread. Can anyone help with this?

I have a snapper hi-vac with a B&S engine. The engine model is 114902, the type is 3137-01, and the code is 34090604. Can someone tell me what hp this engine is and if the choke is automatic? It will start but when I try to mow it shuts down. I believe the choke is stuck closed. I took the breather off and the choke was closed. I opened it and the engine would stay running as long as I just let it sit there. The choke was fluttering like it was trying to close. Any idea would be appreciated.Enos
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Ok, here is what you need to do. Get yourself a can of automotive Gumout spray. Spray all the outside of the carb including the linkages that go to the carb. Then aftor spraying that real good spray the choke in the inside of the carb too. Then see if that fixes the problem. It could be that all it is is stuck and buying cleaning all the linkages and choke you should be able to free it. But if aftor freeing the choke and linkages and the engine still does it, then you may have to clean all the insides of the carb too. You will know if you have to. Let us know how it goes.

PS: Also, make sure you have a new sparkplug. Take the sparkplug off of the engine, if it looks wet or really black and tared up looken, replace with a new sparkplug. Also, check your air filter. If it looks really dirty, replace with a new one.
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Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.
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Briggs 11 cubic inch

You have a 4 horse engine. Spraying with Gumout likely won't help, you will need to disassemble the carb/tank and clean & replace the diaphragm...part number 391681, or better kit part number 494623 (both being Briggs part numbers).
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