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Question primer bulb

Briggs & Stratton lawnmower 93902 type 3611-01

When priming before pull-starting the engine, the primer bulb takes a long time, 30 to 60 seconds, to re-inflate. When the engine is running, the primer bulb slowly gets sucked in toward the carburetor like there's an air/fuel lock somewhere. When the bulb is totally vacuum deflated, in 2-3 minutes, the engine stalls. After 5-7 minutes, when the primer bulb is re-inflated, the engine can be restarted and it will run 2-3 minutes again until the contents of the primer bulb are again forcibly evacuated.

The gas cap/tank is vented ok. The air filter is clean. There's no visible gunk in the carburetor bowl.

Thanks for your help with this painful-sounding engine problem!
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It could be a fuel filter/screen that is clogged. Either that or there is some restriction leading up to the bulb not allowing fuel to pass.
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Clean out the lines via compresed air. Than clean your carb with Gumout spray and compressed air. Let us know how it goes.
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Hello kackee!

You'll need to remove the carb from the fuel tank and clean out the pickup tube and screen, and replace the diaphragm. The screen will pull off a "post" on the bottom of the carb. When you get it off, clean the jet that is under it. Your engine has no lines to clean out, just the pickup tube.
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How'd you make out?

Any luck yet with the carb/tank removal and cleaning? Let us know what parts you think you'd like to replace and we can provide part numbers. In the least, you should replace the diaphragm/gasket...Briggs part number 495770 and possibly the pick-up screen, part number 691837. Based on your original post, I believe these two items are all you will need to replace, along with a good flushing and cleaning of the carburetor and tank. Be sure to note where the linkage attaches prior to removal and, when reassembling, move the throttle to full (if able) so that upon reassembly you don't possibly pinch the governor spring between the air cleaner housing and the carb. Let us know.

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