B&S Pullstarter Spring!!


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Lightbulb B&S Pullstarter Spring!!

I am looking for tips on rewinding the spring back into my B&S engine's pull starter. It's tricky and I only get about halfway. Any tricks to doing this?
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Hello Shatzi

Yes there is a trick to doing it but,B&S makes 4-5 different recoil systems.Without knowing which type your engine has we can't help.You can help us help you by posting your engine model & type numbers.The numbers is stamped on the blower housing/recoil cover.
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Should have known to do that, sorry! It's a 5 HP, model 135202!
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Alright now we're cooking,I see what kind of recoil you have now.There's two ways we can do this,but I'll tell you the one that is the easiest. For me anyway.OK,cut a piece pull rope about 2-2-1/2 feet long,tie hard knott in one end and melt the other end,drag this end through a rag using a twisting motion (to make a point) .With the recoil off turn it up-side-down.There's a key hole shaped hole in the side of the housing,down where the pulley goes.Run the spring through this hole and put notch of spring in big end of key hole shaped hole in the pulley,slide to small end.Put the pully flat down in recoil housing.(being careful not to let the spring silp out.)Bend down the two tangs across from each other to within 1/16 of pulley.This is what holds it in.
Wind pulley counter clock wise (left) to tighten the spring.Wind it up till all but 4-5 inches is sticking out of recoil.Then hold that end of spring while winding pulley two or three more turns.Now hold very end of the spring with plairs and feed it into small end of hole in recoil.Keep winding the pulley till it stops and back off one complete turn (line up the string hole in pulley with hole in recoil and run pull rope through hole in pulley an out hole in recoil.Tie slip knott in pull rope where tention on spring wont pull it back through.
Run the pull rope through the handle /grip and tie hard knott,melt the very end and push stick it on to knott. AND WE'RE DONE

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This 'aint too easy

Words alone usually won't help you, showing you would. But since that isn't possible and since this is a somewhat complicated repair procedure, you may want to take the rewind starter assembly to your local shop and have them install everything for you...well worth the few bucks it will cost. Otherwise, if you try tackling this, be prepared to make several attempts and curse like a trooper in the process. Good luck.

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