craftsman weed wacker


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craftsman weed wacker

New to the board how is everyone. now down to business. im fixin a weed wacker for a neighbor and have a couple problems. i can get it to run only by first putting a little gas in the spark plug port. is this wrong if so what do i do. it doesnt have a primer bulb. second problem is it will only run full throttle and as soon as i let go of the trigger it kills. there are 2 screws on what i believe to be the carburator. how do i tell which one is gas and which one is air. once i figure them out how do i adjust them to run good. please help, never fixed a 2 cycle motor before so use leymans terms.

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Cleaning the carburetor wouldn't be a bad idea to start off with. It might just be that the adjustments are out of wack. Both screws adjust the fuel going into the carburetor. The screw closest to the intake is the high speed screw, the one closest to the engine is the low speed screw. To adjust the low speed screw, turn it back and forth until the engine runs the smoothest while idleing. To set the high speed screw, run the engine at full throttle, then turn the screw clockwise until the engine starts running really fast and really smooth, this means that the engine is running lean, if left in this condition an engine can overheat cause lean running causes excessive heat. So once the engine is running lean, turn the screw counter-clockwise until the engine just starts to run rough. Stop at this point. Adjusting it so the engine runs slightly rough will insure that the engine is running slightly rich and not lean, and this will keep the combustion temperatures down. That's why you see flames coming out the headers on drag racing cars, they adjust it so the engine runs rich, that keeps the engine from producing too much heat and destroying itself. Make sure not to adjust the high speed screw to the point that the engine is running so rough (rich) that it is bogging down. Just listen to the engine and you will hear a definate sound while adjusting the high speed screw. Lean running=real fast and smooth. Rich running=rough sounding engine and bogging down. Hope this helps!!!!!!!

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