Sears Craftsmen cross references


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Sears Craftsmen cross references

Good Morning all. Last summer I bought a used LT 4000 lawn tractor for $100. All it needed was a mowing deck. Long story short, they are not easy to find. Recently a guy called me about a want ad that I had placed in a local sell it/ swap it magazine and said he had a model # 917.257643 with a bad transmission. He thinks it is a 1998 model, and he'd sell it for $200. Now, mine is a model # 917.255581. They both have 42" decks. Do you guys think that his deck would fit on my tractor or maybe I'd be better off to take my transmission and put it on his??
I've compared diagrams on Sears website and they both look very similar except for his has a set of wheels and there is a couple of bracket differences, but, that is about it. The part numbers are not the same though.
The transmissions appear to be the same, at least they both are 6-speed DANA # 4360-7's.
Anyway what do you "experts" think? Will they interchange? If I have to make some modifications I don't mind as I work in a machine shop anyway and can usually make just about anything that I need.
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Without checking the exact differences between these two decks, I would guess there are. I'd say it would be easier to swap the tranny's. The only likely (if any) difference may be the brake location. Some are on the right, others on the left. This should be the only difference, since they are both the same model, (according to what info you supplied) perhaps just not the same serial. That's my take on this. Wait and see what "cheese" thinks.
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The decks on those two will not interchange directly. The hanger systems are different, although you might be able to make adaptations, or change the entire setup. The trannys should interchange though.
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Thank guys. I kind of figured that I could make the deck fit, but, I thought I would run by you. Really, I think it would be a better option to just change tranny's also. Especially where his is a 1998 and mine is a 1992 model. I haven't actually seen his machine I'm going on his say so. Of course I'll need to check it over good before any $$$ changes hands. I don't need another junk pile going. Anyway I appreciate your input.

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