Rewind spring has sprung


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Question Rewind spring has sprung

I have a B & S 5 HP lawn mower with a spring that has become uncoiled and worked on it about an hour yesterday, but can't get it compressed and back in the place it belongs. Is there a special winding tool the pros use or how does a DIYer get it done? The model # is 128802 type # is 1940-01 & a code # 96120258. Can you help? Thanks, Al
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OK I'm gona assume that you've still got the starter apart.No their's not a specail tool,I have wished a lot of the time that there was.I would recommend to anyong to take it to a reiair shop and let somebody do it,thats done it before but,Hence the name "DO-IT YOURSELF"I'll try to tell you how.And make it as easy as I can.Let' get started by geting a pull rope ready first.Cut 8 ft of #4-1/2 or 5 pull rope.Tie a hard knott in one end,melt the vevy end snd stick it to the knott.Melt the other end and drag it through a rag using a twisting motion to make a point in the rope.(being careful NOT to get hot nylon on skin,iIT WILL BURN BAD.)
I don't know if your spring is broke or not but make sure that it has a crook bent on both ends.(CAUTION sould be taken when handleing the spring they can cut.and you'll look like you've been a cat fght,and lost!!Wind spring up by hand till a little smaller than recess in pulley,where it goes.Grab spring with needle-nose-plirs on end where outside crook is and place in pulley(in slot) where outside crook is pointing to the LEFT.Make sure that the other crook is close to center hole.Put the metal plate beck on puley,on top of spring.Hook inside of spring to hub stob of recoil.Put plastic starter pawls in pullley and put retainer on and screw.Before tightening screw make sure that when you turn the retainer back an forth that the starter pawls move in and out and tighten screw.Wind pulley counter clock wise(left)all the way an back off one complete turn and line rope hole in pulley with hole in recoil housing and put pointy end of rope through hole in pulley and out of hole in recoil,Tie slip knot where tention on spring wont pull rope back in.Tie handle grip onto rope and tie hard knott in rope,melt the end and stick to knott.AND IT'S DONE.


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Hay Alaska Al,did you got your recoil on yet??
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Smile Rewind spring has sprung

Good information. I used this post from "repair_guy" to re-install my spring and pull-cord on a Briggs & Straton 5.5 HP Quantum. I did not locate a "plate" on my model but the housing served the purpose and had a hook, so everything loaded as mentioned, and I and back up and running.

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