John Deere Model 200


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John Deere Model 200

I have a John Deere Model 200 lawn tractor that will not crank. I have replaced the battery. When turning the switch on it just clicks as though the starter won't engage and will not turn the engine over. Is it the starter and/or cellunoid switch?
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Hello dadtjlh!

What engine brand and hp do you have? Is the solenoid on the starter or on the mower? It could be a few things...possibly a bad solenoid, bad starter, stuck bendix, bad connection, etc... Check for 12 volts at the starter when you turn the key and hold it to start. If you have 10.5 to 12 volts there, but it still doesn't turn the engine, then you either have a locked engine, bad starter, or stuck bendix. If you don't have 10.5 to 12 volts there, then you could have a bad solenoid or, depending on the voltage reading you get, a defective battery, bad connection, bad wire, etc... Check the voltage and let us know what you find!
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JD 200 Info

The John Deere 200 came out with an 8 hp Kohler engine. The solenoid is not on the starter.

dadtjlh, you said you replaced the battery. Depending on where you bought the battery, it may not be fully charged and causing your problem. Some places have their batteries pre-filled on the shelf and don't maintain them to keep them charged. If it were me, I'd try to jump start it with your car....the voltages are the same so it won't hurt a thing. If it starts, then the battery wasn't charged. Also, when you replaced the battery, I'm assuming you cleaned the inside of the battery terminals.

Its unlikely that the starter is bad. Thats because the chattering sound you are hearing is the solenoid, and that generally means it isn't getting enough power to stay engaged or its bad. For it to not get enough power, the batter is either low or you have a bad connection somewhere. If you cleaned the terminals when you replaced the battery, then you could have a bad battery cable. My guess is, the solenoid is bad or your new battery doesn't have a full charge.
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Any good news? The 200 model Deere is a bit rare and worth fixing. I hope all is well.

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