pressure washer pressure problem


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Unhappy pressure washer pressure problem

I'm a new user, please bear with me. I was using my pressure washer with no problems; squeeze trigger, immediate high pressure. At time went on during the day, squeeze trigger, no high pressure. This was gradual. Each time trigger was squeezed, the longer it took for the water pump to kick in and supply high pressure until finally no high pressure. Water supply is good and water intake filter clean. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.
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Could this be an electric PW, Sears or Karchner??

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I have little experience with the pump end of pressure washers but do know some theory. Basically these are regulated by way of a spring and ball. Some are adjustable, most are factory pre-set. If pre-set, a pump rebuild sounds necessary, if able. Again though, I have limited knowledge of these. It would help greatly though if we knew the make, model and serial numbers of such as well as whether it's gas or electric powered.
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It is possible that there is a leak in the water supply hose and it is drawing air.

Post the make and model as requested.
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pressure washer pressure problem

Thanks for the responses. The pressure washer is a gas powered Karcher 1900 PSI. The model # is "K 4400 G". The pressure washer itself (the whole 9 yards) is Karcher part # The water supply is good and the hose has no leaks. Water supply screen/filter is clean.

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Some problems could be.
1 A clogged tip from dirt in supply line.

2 The unloader is bad and keeps running in bypass mode. When you let of the trigger the unloader kicks in to keep pressure from building, and blowing hose. Water just runs through the pump untill you hit the trigger then unloader kicks out and water flows to wand again. Most pressure washers should not left to idle without using the wand for more than 2 minutes or damage will occur to unloader or other the pump.
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Hello gneal!

I agree with Dave O, I think you will probably wind up repairing/replacing the unloader valve. Check the easy stuff first though.

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