Craftsman DLT2000 won't start


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Craftsman DLT2000 won't start

The DLT2000 is an electric start riding mower from Craftsman. It was hard to start the other day but when started, it was fine. After it was shut off for a little and then restarted it just clicked. I opened the hood and the fan(or what looks like a fan) on top of the engine just clicked and turned maybe 1/2 inch. All it does is click an maybe turn a little. Is the engine siezed or what?

Thanks in advance....
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jsurrena,if you take the spark plug out of the cylinder will the engine turn over or does it still click??

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Also, what is the condition of the engine oil as well as the amount showing on the dipstick? That "fan" thing is actually a screen for the cool air intake for the engine - with the key off, can you turn this either way by hand? It sounds more like you have a battery issue than anything else though. Answer all questions first though. Let us know.

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