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re: homebuilt leakdown tester-- a link


With the permission of Cheese I am posting a link to a decent guide to a home built leakdown tester.

I used to race motorcycles, generally flat track and moto but some road racing in the smaller displacement classes as well and usually 2 strokes.

Anyway, at my advanced age of 50 I'm getting back into it again as I am fit and in better shape than I've been in years--but am going to race in the 650 vintage class (yes, both myself and the bike will be vintage.)

Found this link while looking for parts for a recently acquired bike:

Warning: there are NO popups, even if you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on links. Also, there are MANY pics and nearly all of Yamaha 650 twin projects if you explore the site--so don't peruse unless you like bike pics--you will not find a lawnmower in the place.

That said, here is a link for a guy in Lousiana or Florida who is building motorcycles using a Briggs industrial engine, 18 HP if I recall.

I should say I have never met him and don't have ANY business affiliation with the man, just thought it was fascinating with what he is doing with a Briggs.


Ohh...not a single popup on his site either, nor any real sales pitch.
If someone is a Briggs freak and loves bikes and has a TON of money I suppose they might contact the man to buy one of his creations but I head today there is a waiting list. Just shows you how many folks there are with more money than brains who want something different. what he does to these Briggs' Will have to try one this summer and have a friend who is a Briggs expert and definitely on board. We'll use the engine for something. Build it and then decide is our way.

Have a great weekend. If anyone needs more info on building a leakdown tester I can answer them--but the link should be a good start.

Kindest Regards,

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Neat stuff Snowman53!

Thanks for sharing it. I think the leakdown tester thing is a good idea.
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Thx for the link, I have in the past used a bicycle pump and my compresion tester hose with satisfactory results, but this looks like a much cleaner and accurate option.


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