HELP! Replacing Starter Rope on Craftsman Mower.


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HELP! Replacing Starter Rope on Craftsman Mower.

Hi all.

I currently have my mower taken apart trying to replace te Starter Rope. I have a Craftsman EZ3 mower (model# 917.379280).

I have replaced the rope, but the pulley won't take in the rope.

Anyone have step by step instructions?

I really need to mow my lawn today!

Thanks in advance!

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With the cover housing the recoil assy off lay it upside down on a work surface. Remove the rope. You should be able to turn the rope spool (looking at it from the bottom turn it clockwise) slowly 1 to 2 turns, resistance should increase and when you release the spool it should spin back to where you started. If turned the wrong way and the coil spring is intact, you should hear a clickin STOP if this is the case and turn it the other way. If with the rope removed you can turn the spool and resistance builds and the spool returns when released, then read on. BECARELFUL NOT TO LET THE SPOOL RECOIL FREELY. THE INERTIA RELEASED CAN CAUSE THE COIL HOUSING TO DISASEMBLE AND LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG POSSIBLY CAUSING INJURY!
Find something you can use to hold the spool in place when spun up, sometimes a screwdriver stuck down through the vanes of the unit will work, a small C Clamp or vise grips. Be gentle tho as parts are plastic and can be damaged. Now spin the spool in the direction that builds resistance slowly, eventually you should feel the spring tighten to the point you can no longer spin the spool (again dont over do it here STOP at this point) Align the hole in the spool with the one in the shroud, secure the spool from turning, thread your rope. Once the rope is in and knoted, hold the rope taut and remove what ever you had securing the spool while holding the rope to prevent the spool from spinning. Now slowly allow the spool to take up the rope, depending on the age and shape of your machine and length of rope, it is possible for the rope to recoil completely back on the spool if you have removed the handle on the rope. If your rope is of proper size and length, it should now recoil until the rope is just about to enter the shroud when the spring becomes relaxed and allow slight tension on the rope when looped under the eyebolt on your handle.
If by spinning the spool in either direction fails to build resistance(usually if this is the case you will hear a clicking) or fails to return (no clicking) then the repair while not undoable, is a bit more challenging, tedious and possibly frustrating. One of 2 things has happened. The tang (s) of the coil have come loose or the coil itself is possibly rusted.
For now lets hope neither is the case.


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