Reel mower cuts un-level


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Question Reel mower cuts un-level

had a guy come to my house late lastnight and ask me "did I work on pushmowers" that his was cutting unlevel.He'd bring it today.I started thinking "a pushmower" & "cutting unlevel"I thought that surely he knows what he's got,a rider or pushmower.
Well come to find out it's a Craftsman 18"reel mower.I've adjsuted the knifes on these "BIG" John Deere reel mower that golf corses use.But can anyone give me some insight on little thing ????? MODEL# 291-37619

thanks for any help!!!
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I wish I could help you repair_guy, but I don't work on reel mowers. Maybe someone here knows a bit about setting them up??? Anyone?
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Provided the bedknife is adjusted properly, the only component which controls the level of cut is the rear roller. These are adjustable, typically a turn-knob at each side of the roller and usually in plain sight. I'm not sure about the one you have in for service though since the Sears website shows no information avialable although it does confirm this model exists. Just look for adjustments at the rollers to control level.
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How'd you make out repair_guy?

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