Help With Lawnboy Silver Series


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Help With Lawnboy Silver Series


You guys have got yourselves a newbie on your hands.

I have a Lawnboy Silver Series, Model Number 10247. Information can be found here about it.

Anyways we were mowing the yard and heard a loud clunk, and the engine died. There was no tension what so ever in the line and called the Lawnboy tech service. They basically told us it threw a rod and this happened every once and a while.

We accepted that, and as a project I started taking it apart, seeing if I couldnt get down to the bare engine and get into it to see if I couldnt fix it.

Right now I've got everything off the mower except the engine and the blade, which I will do tomorrow. But basically here is my question.

Where can I go to get a new piston / rod assembly, or maybe just a new rod at? How much am I looking to spend for this? We called a local small engine service and they quoted us $200 + labor

That seemed a little outrageous so I was searching the internet and found this place

cliffnotes: think we threw a rod, where can we get a new piston / rod assembly for cheaper than $200 + labor

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Sounds to me that they quoted high because they didn't want to fool with it.Sadly to say,but some small engine shops do that.
Check your crancase good for holes, dings & dents and the base of cylinder for same,plus check cylinder for scars first.

Try Ashland small engines & parts.Their in Ashland,Mo. and sale after market (generic) parts which are cheaper than name brand parts are (in most cases much cheaper).The number is 1-800-828-0668.

Others will probaly have other places too.So check on your post often over the next few days.

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thank you!

I will give them a call later!

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