New To RIding Mowers - Have Questions


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New To RIding Mowers - Have Questions

Have a 1996 600 series Mtd, with 42" mulching deck. I am new to riding mowers in general so these questions may seem basic.

I read in a previous thread that the blades on the deck should be free spinning. I attempt to spin mine and there is resistance, alot of resistance in fact. So if they are supposed to be free spinning, what am I looking at as the problem?

The main problem I'm having is the deck is for lack of a better term oscilating and vibrating quite a bit. As per the instructions here on the board, I checked the blades by attempting to tip them and there was no movement. There is alot of noise out of the spindles when the deck is engaged however. These are sealed bearings by the way, so the whole spindle has to be replaced, if thats necessary.

Since I dont know the history of this machine, my plan was to replace the spindles and blades. Is there anything any of you would recommend that I look at for the cause of the deck vibration besides the two items I mentioned? If so, please give me an idea of how I could tell if its defective?

Sorry for the newbie questions guys, but I'm trying to learn as much about the machine as I can. I have looked at the Mtd site but its not much help for diagnosing a problem. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello Wolverine!


The vibration you are experiencing is likely caused by a thin spot in the belt. It probably is burned thin somewhere along the length of it. The blades should not be free spinning, because they have brakes that stop them when the blades are disengaged. If you remove the belt, then engage the blades (with the engine off), then they should be free spinning. The bearings are sealed, indeed. The good news is you don't have to replace the whole mandrel. The nut that holds the pulley on comes off, and the shaft will slide out of the housing. Then, you can knock the bearings out and replace them (much cheaper than new mandrel assemblies). If you have a bent blade or pulley or mandrel shaft, it can cause some deck vibration too.
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Thanks very much, helps alot.

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