scooter moter performance


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scooter moter performance

{also posted to motorcycles/gokart forum,but since it is half about a small engine....}
Hi all. i just bought one of those gas powered scooters. Weeee, it's fun.I have it tuned up(by airflow and oil/air mixture screw) to run full throttle all day long, but it just feels that it could do more. My question is.....whats the best way to soup it up? it's a 43cc 2 stroke. I plan on getting a smaller sprocket for the rear(i think thats right for higher top end speed?), wanna get/build a better exhaust, have already increased airflow to the carb, and want to sand down the head a little. The motor is a typical chinese/taiwanese deal. i was wondering if i could replace the piston and cylinder with a bigger size, say a 46 or 49 cc? would the head bolts be the same? A picture is here:
looking to get the best top end mechanically, and best engine performance, without spending big bucks. Any ideas?? Any comments?
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Hello tae!

You are correct, a smaller sprocket on the rear will increase top-end speed...provided the engine has enough power to get you there. I don't know what engine that is, but it's not likely that a larger cylinder and piston would fit the bolt pattern. That engine doesn't have a "head" like you would typically think of. I assume you are wanting to increase compression by sanding it down? It can't really be done on this engine because there is no removable head. Machining down the surface the cylinder bolts to, or changing piston types would be the only ways of increasing the compression.

Are you running synthetic 2 stroke oil?
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The engine on your scooter has a reputation of being historically aneamic.

My suggestion.

Big Block 572 c.i. Chevy.

Oh, and don't worry about changing the rear sprocket....

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