Mcculloch chainsaw carb adjustment


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Mcculloch chainsaw carb adjustment

I have a Mac 3216 which is about 6 years old. It runs fine as long as I keep the spark plug clean or new. The only problem is that it sometimes idles so fast that the chain keeps spinning.

I looked up the chainsaw carb adjustment guide linked in one of the posts in this forum. My saw has H, L, and Idle adjustors. I took apart the saw to clean the screw heads for these adjustors, and noticed that both the H and L screws are already at their counterclockwise limit - ie I can only turn the screws clockwise (tighter) from the current setting. Is this normal for this kind of saw? I checked the owner manual and it only says to take the saw to a dealer for adjustments. I don't want to attempt an adjustment with it until I'm more sure I won't make matter worse. TIA.
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Hello DIYNovice!

Sounds like you might just need to adjust the idle speed screw a bit. Try backing it out a little and see if it does ok. It is the screw near the throttle shaft.
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Thanks for the reply...all it needed was an idle adjustment like you said. I also tinkered with the H and L settings and found that the screws can only adjust less than one turn in either direction, and neither extreme affected the saw's performance significantly. Do you know why it's set up this way and how I would perform an actual adjustment if it was needed?
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The adjustment screws most likely have plastic caps on them with stops, (pretty much to prevent all but the more determined operators, from making adjustments that may prevent the unit from starting or running so lean as to cause damage.) They can be removed, the screws adjusted and the caps replaced HOWEVER...if the saw is running good, IE: idle can be set and no lag from idle to throttle up, then they are better left alone. Turn them counter clockwise as much as possible that still allows best operation, smooth idle and no lag when throttle up. This will be set on the rich side and run the coolest. You can check your spark plug and if it becomes carbon fouled, adjusting the screws to the clockwise stop (or towards it, lean) may help.

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