mulching mower leaving clumps


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mulching mower leaving clumps

I have 4.0hp Murray mulching mower and it seems that whenever I cut the grass, it leaves clumps of cut grass behind. I have the mulching plate in and I am noticing that there are blades of grass flying out from underneath the mower around the wheels when I push it.

I also notice that quite frequently, the mower almost stalls and I have to lift up the deck so it can catch it's breath! This occurs when the grass is not even that long.... It is a non-adjusting throttle model.

Fyi, I had the blade shapened last year.

Any help would be I need to take it into a shop for servicing?
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We need for you to help us out just a little more by giving us a little more we can better help.

question: Is any of the baffels(metal strips under the deck) around the blade broken off or lose?? Is the blade on up-side down??I think that grass build up under the mower is causing the engine to stall.Altho if the engine isn't runing good from the get-go it wont be able to cut grass good eather.
Is the engine running good??

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Hello mgazer!

Is the grass wet? Are you certain the blade on the mower is a mulching blade? Could it be upside down as mentioned? Are you running the engine at full RPM?
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mulching problems

here are answers:

1. happens with dry grass
2. I think that the blade is on can I tell?
3. I can't set the is a non-adjusting throttle
4. there are NO baffles under the deck..didn't come with any

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The leading edge (As I call it) is the part that you sharpen.The tailing end is bent to allow air-flow to lift the grass before cutting it.Since an engine rotates in a clock-wise (right) direction the blade goes on with the leading edge pointig pointing towards the rear wheels and the lift pointing up,It's not gona do the job that it was designed to do if put on up side down.Also if these lifts are wore off it's time to get a new blade.If the lifts are cracked,replace the blade too because as fast as a blade turns it dangerous.

By 'baffle' I mean the enclosed area incircleing the blade.These pieces of matel is put on mowers to contain the air-flo created by the blade.To further help to chop up the grass.
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If the grass is too tall to cut, it will do this as well. If the engine is slowing
down while cutting, you'll have to slow down your pushing rate. Don't try to
cut more than a 1/3 of the grass blade length at a time. Sounds to me a
combination of issues, grass too tall and dull blade or blade installed incorrectly.

Just my thoughts,


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