lawn mower problem


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lawn mower problem

I have a Scotts lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton motor
The problem is when it warms up the motor stalls
It is receiving fuel I took it all part
Any help would be great the grass is getting tall
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Just how long does the engine run before it shuts down? First, check the fuel cap for proper ventilation. If none - replace. If good, most likely valve issues if older, otherwise, if newer, ignition related. Post back with engine numbers to help us help you better.
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My #1 guess would be fuel related. As mentioned, make sure the fuel tank is venting. Check for a dirty fuel filter, debris in the fuel tank, or a clogged valve (attached to the float) in the carb. Fuel may be able to slowly trickle into the bowl of the carb. which is enough to keep it running for a short while, but it cannot get enough flow to keep it running.
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thanks for the help i will get the information asap but i will check the cap i hope it would be something that easy

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