Harrrd-pull Honda/Craftsman PW


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Harrrd-pull Honda/Craftsman PW

Hi, Folks!
My 5HP Honda-Powered Craftsman PowerWasher suddenly developed a problem: It's a real bear to even pull the starter cord. I CAN pull it through its full spin, but I can't really get it up to full "start-me speed." It gets worse when the choke is pulled. It DID start up, ran for about 3 seconds, then this. I just about wrecked my back and wrists yanking on the thing for 15 minutes. The "help line" was not much help: 1st person told me it was a "bubble in the pump" which was jive; 2nd guy told me it sounded like an engine/compression problem, and suggested removing the spark plug and cranking it. It didn't get much/any easier, and because my back REALLY is sore, I haven't hooked it up to H2O and tried it yet. I DID run it pretty hard for 3 hours the day before, in fact I ran it out of gas. (Filled it up again before trying it ) It has oil. Any ideas?

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There is a chance that the unloader is not unloading.
To test this squeeze the trigger on the gun while trying to start the engine.

If still hard to turn over you may have to separate the pump from the motor to see which is the problem.
Could your pump have run without oil?
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I did try starting it with the trigger squeezed...I even took off the whole pressure hose and let the water just squirt through while I tried to start it...I don't know if the pump could have gone without oil...I only put oil in the motor...is there a seperate oiler on the average pump? Cuz if there is, color me Ignorant!!

thanks for the reply...
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Yes, there is a seperate oil fill for the pump. Sounds like it may have run out of oil. Look for a plastic plug on top of the pump. There is where the oil should go. 30 weight should be fine.
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Sounds as though it has run low on pump oil and may not come back to life with a top-off. But by all means, give it a try.
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funny, neither of the geniuses on the Craftsman "help" line said word ONE about pump oil...better see if I can find my owner's manual...thanks again

but just one thing...why would it get harder to pull when I pulled the choke out?
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The choke being closed shouldn't really make any difference unless it is trying to start but can't and it is trying to kick back a little.

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