NO Spark in Homelite trimmer


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NO Spark in Homelite trimmer

First let me say thanks to all
I had a friend give me 3 homelite trimmers. I fixed 2(both had cracks in the fuel lines) after reading threw your forums for possible problems. The third , (oldest of the three) is not getting spark. I tried a new sparkplug, dissconnected the kill switch. The governor (not sure of the name,the piece the kill switch is hook to) dont look too bad. it looks like it can be adjusted to compensate for ware. their supposed to be a gap between the governor(the piece the kill switch is hook to) and the piece that is connected to the shaft (dont know the name).
I have a Homelite ZipStart EazyReach
Displacement 25-cc 2HCPS.0254DA
S/N ME0810123
UT 20769
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You're in the right church when disconnecting the wire. However, you need to disconnect this ground wire at the ignition coil and then check for spark. You will have to remove the engine from the front cover (actually the rewind starter housing) to access the coil. While you're there, be sure to check the air gap between the coil and flywheel. The gap should be .012"
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on the coil their is 2 parts that come in close contact with the fly wheel, 1 side is like a magnet the other part look like a carbon brush like the kind you would find in an starter motor. Do you space both the same.012"? I disconnected the wire from the coil. It goes directly from the kill swich to the coil......... thanks for your help I'll set both side and let u know.
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Just tryed as suggested with no luck. No signs of life at all. Any thing else that i could try.
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If you have the proper gap between the coil and flywheel, and have the kill wire disconnected from the coil, and have no spark, then you have a bad coil.
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Thank You for your advice and help, i"ll guess i'll keep this one on the side to use as parts for the other two that are the same kind. I have two more (different brand)in the barn,that just stoped working maybe i'll take a look at thoues as well.

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