Craftsman Rotory 22" Mower starting problem


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Question Craftsman Rotory 22" Mower starting problem

Have a Craftsman 22" Side Discharge Rotary lawn mower. The mower was purchased three months ago. It has a 4.5 horsepower tecumseh 4 cycle engine. I've used the mower about 5 times and each time it started easily and ran great.

This weekend it was slow to start and when it did it would only chug at very low RPM's. Finally after 10 minutes or so it took off an and ran normally until I finished cutting the grass. After shutting it off I tried it again and it is still chugging at very low rpm. I've tried it several times and it will not run except at low rpm's and then die in 20 or 30 seconds. It has no throttle.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Don!

Does it smoke when it chugs like that? Is the air filter wet, or clogged? Smell the oil...does it smell like gas?
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If after checking the air filter, and spark plug you see no problem return it to Sears. It is still under warrantee.
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While it certainly may be a warranty situation, bear in mind that I know of no Sears store that has in-store service and therefore has to be shipped out to a sub-contractor - whom you likely have no idea who this is, where it is going and the quality of work. Not to mention how long it will be tied up with the sub. Being a DIY'er, it sound like something simple and easily self-repairable. Follow cheese's advice and go from there. Have you recently tipped up the mower to service the underside? If so, you may have tipped it incorrectly and gotten oil and/or fuel in the air filter and it is now plugged. Also, overfilling the oil will cause this same trouble. Remove the air filter and see how it runs. Bear in mind though that some Tecumseh carburetors require the filter installed in order to prime up properly. Let us know.
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Craftsman 22 inch rotory mower

Thanks for your help. I tried every suggestion and didn't come up with a cure. Finally took the mower to sears since it was still under warranty and it took two weeks to get it back.

The problem was the coil. The spark was too weak for the mower to run.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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Glad you got it fixed! Thanks for letting us know how it went!

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