Riding Lawn Mower Battery Problems

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Question Riding Lawn Mower Battery Problems

My battery keeps going dead on my huskee riding mower. Got a new one a couple of weeks ago and now its dead. I can jump it off and will run fine. I was wondering what charges the battery on these types of mowers. Is there someting like an alternator on a riding mower and where is it at? As you can tell Im no small engine expert or any engine expert any advise will be appreciated.
Thanks Dwight
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Cool battery Help

Hey dude, i'm just a teen and i'm not mean .I bought a Setinel riding mower for 50 bucks and i put on a pulley,two tires, spark plug, blade , and a battery for my mower so that was about 200 more dollars, anyway i got some help for you.
I think there is a alternator that will help keep your battery charged but you will still need to disconnect and take out your battery.On the top of the battery there are two vents, take a flat screwdriver and pop off these vents but make sure you have on glove and eye protection when you do because you do not want to get the sulfuric acid on your skin. Look into the vents and make sure they are almost full of sulfuric acid, if they are you are in good shape but if they aren't, get you a jug of distilled water and slowoly pour it into there and make sure you have on eye and skin protection, do not fill it up to where the acid is coming out and leave about half an inch where there is no acid. if the acid touches your skin it will burn so if it does get some soap and cool water and wash it off immediately.
After checking for acid, get you a battery charger and charge your battery on the 12 volt not 6 because the 6 won't charge it good. i think the charger will go from 12 to 0. While your battery is charging you need to clean off the cables on your mower and before you charge your battery , you might want to chek the terminals to see if they are rusted or corroded, if they are ,get you some battery terminal cleaner and clean them and your cables.
Last but not least hook up your battery and turn your lights on your lawnmower to see if you have a good connection and make sure that they are bright enough for you to see day and night time. Don't leave your lights on for no longer than you have to without the lawnmower running or your battery will die down quicker. When you are running your lawnmower your lights are runnig off of its alterntor so you can leave them on. The last thing that you need to do is drive your lawnmower around the yard and driveway and then after you have shut it off, check to see if your battery or exposed metal on the cables on the cables are touching anything and if they aren't you are ready to go. Oh yeah, if your battery dies down quick again you may need to replace your battery cables. but amke sure you get good quality cables and cleaners and good luck because i had the same probelm with my lawnmower and those steps fixed it. P.S. Check and clean your starter cable if needed but only clean your cables while your battery is disconnected. Good Luck and send me an email or something if you need more help or just to tell me how it went.
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Hello Dwight!

Yes, there is an alternator. It is under the flywheel, and has no moving parts. It is a set of coils that move current via the moving magnetic field of the magnets on the flywheel. They don't go bad often, but the diode or rectifier or regulator could. Not all engines have regulators. What make and model# engine do you have?
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Since a final resolution was never reached in this thread.... feel free to start a new thread of your own and be sure to include the make and model of the tractor along with the engine model too. This thread will be sent back to our searchable archives.

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