transmission troubles


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transmission troubles

Hey fellas!!!!!!!! I was just curious if any of you repair guys ever had problems with this. Today I had to take appart a transmission on an old craftsman rear engine rider. The problem was that the little round ring clip that held the right axle in had somehow came off and that allowed the ride side shaft to come out. Well, we replaced that bent clip with a snap ring and the teacher told us that he had the same exact problem on an old craftsman rider. Anyone ever experienced this problem? And while we're on the subject of transmissions, my grampa has an old (about 25 years old) murray 10 hp lawn tractor and the shifter moves way to much side to side, in other words, in order to shift into any gear, you have to move the shifter so far that it almost goes as far as it can travel, then at the last second, it goes into gear, and sometimes you have to throw the shifter so far that it hits the body of the mower before it goes into gear. This mower has the old H style shifter between your legs just under the seat with a seperate brake and clutch. The brake is on the right and the clutch is on the left. Any idea on how to fix this? It has been acting this way for as long as I can remember. As always, thanks for the help guys!!!!!!!
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As for your clip repair, this is quite common. At my shop, I don't think I can even count the number of repairs we have done that you performed. As for your pappy's problem, this is likely a 600-series Peerless and could be one of two problems. The first and easiest to check out is right at the shifter itself. If you remove the three screws that mount this to the tranny housing you can check it out. There will be a snap ring you will remove (once the shifter assembly is removed) and then take a look at the ball and o-ring condition. These may be worn. If this seems fine then it likely is in the tranny at the shift forks, shift rods, or possibly the ball and spring (which provides pressure to keep it in gear) or maybe all three areas of the shift assembly. As far as I'm concerned, this is the easiest tranny to service, And the strongest Peerless has ever made. In all, not a bad job for the DIY'er with some working knowledge.

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