Need Help for 5hp Vertical shaft govenor setting.....


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Question Need Help for 5hp Vertical shaft govenor setting.....

I have a 5hp lawn mower with a vertical shaft, I lossend the nut on the bottom of the govener arm, and it revs like crazy, does anyone know what the default setting is?

Thanks In Advance: John..
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Hello John!

There is no need to loosen that nut unless the governor shaft has to come out of the engine. If the engine is surging, it is because of another problem. To get it set right, open the throttle wide open on the carb, and turn the governor shaft clockwise with a screwdriver until it stops, then tighten the nut on the lever clamp again.
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Govenor setting

Thanks Cheese, done what you said and it started first pull, and ran fine for about an hour, then started surging again, it does clear up somtime. I had the diaphram changed and still the same, it sometimes runs perfect, and then decides it wants to surge, I think it has a mind of it's own..

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Is there a mixture adjustment on the carb? If so maybe a slightly richer mixture by turning it CCW. Possibly could be some dirt or debris in the carb also.
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Azis mentioned richening the carburetor. This may well work if you have an adjustable carburetor, otherwise, a rebuild may be in order. Note that if the engine is over-revving, the governor spring can't keep up. Make sure the RPM's aren't over what the engine calls for.

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