How do I replace starting pull-cord on Lawn-Boy 7072?


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How do I replace starting pull-cord on Lawn-Boy 7072?


I was curious if anyone out there has any experience changing the starting pull-cord on a Lawn Boy 7072. The spring cup does not want to turn in either direction. I've got the old cord unwound, but I can't seem to get to the inside of the pully starter to undo the knot or however it is mounted inside. It's just had its 20th birthday, so it's just getting broken in. Since I paid just $75 at the hardware store five years ago for the Lawn-Boy, I'd hate to have to take it in and pay someone to do what I would have thought would have been a simple task. Hopefully they expect the lawnmower to last longer than the cord!

Thanks in advance for your input!

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If it will not turn at all? Sounds like it may be coroded and froze up... without seeing it first hand its hard to tell however the parts are available including the entire assy, maybe this will help a bit, here is a diagrahm,
If you want to buy one part of the assy get the part # from the drawing and go here for pricing or call your local lawnboy dealer with the part #.
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You will have to remove the assembly from the engine to service it. Here is a more specific URL to check out what you have and to follow along with me. There is a set screw (reference 48) that has to be only loosened and then the assembly will slide out. Reference 47 is a retaining clip that has to be removed to get the pulley/spring off of the shaft. Use caution when removing as this spring is wound tightly and can cause injury. From this point, if never serviced a rewind assembly, I suggest taking such to a repair shop for them to repair it. If you are going to tackle the job, do so carefully and refer to the URL for order of parts placement. It sounds as though you may need a simple cleaning or possibly replace the spring and rope. Good luck and let us know which way you go and how you make out.
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Hmmm puey the parts breakdown link dont work, only gets ya to the model search, so
if you use the link above enter your model # 7072 then search then view parts list, then "starter group"
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Thank you for your replies to my original post. It appears that it is probably the set screw that is holding it in. Wish me luck putting it all back together! All of this just to replace a rope?!

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