Wisconsin-Robin "pull start" help...


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Wisconsin-Robin "pull start" help...

I have a Yazoo 24" cut "Master Mower" that is outfitted w/a Wisconsin-Robin EY18-3W engine...The rewind starter (pull cord) jams because one of the three small "prongs" that spring out and engage the flywheel is bent and about to break...My mower tech says we'll either need to find replacement "prongs", or what ever these things are called, which we've had no luck with, or replace the entire starter all together...the only one he can find locally is $130(!) for the entire assembly...

My question is, does Wisc/Rob offer parts for starter assemblies?...Can I find a better deal online if I have to replace the whole starter assembly?...I've searched the Internet for both parts and entire starter assemblies w/out much success...

If anyone can point me to a link where I could find these things I'd greatly appreciate it...

I don't know the exact part # that this pull-starter is...All I know is it is a EY18-3W Wisc/Rob engine...4.6hp...

Thanks in advance to all who reply,
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The part(s) you're looking for are called pawls, also commonly referred to as dogs. I will look into whether they are replaceable in the mean time. Bear with me for a day or two and I'll let you know. Or possibly, someone who has familiarity with Robin's might post in with their opinion.
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Thanks puey61...The pull-start is actually inside a cowling, which on the inside is stamped "DC18" if it's of any help....My mower tech was told you have to buy the entire unit, "cowling" and all...

He says all we need are the "dogs"...

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