Rope Replacement on Yard Machines Self Propelled Mower


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Question Rope Replacement on Yard Machines Self Propelled Mower

I am trying to replace the pull rope on a Yard Machines by MTD self-propelled mower. I cannot locate the model number (it may be worn off from age---SORRY) It has a Briggs and Stratton engine and the mower is dark green in color (this may provide a clue as to its age???) It is a 6hp, 22" cut, Self Propelled Side Discharge/Mulcher.

On my other mower, you remove the plastic "basket" cover to expose where the rope is wound and then unbolt that part, remove it, invert it and wind on a new rope, but on this machine, when i removed the plastic "basket" cover over where the rope is wound I discovered that this piece is actually RIVETED to the engine, so now I'm STUMPED!

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

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I think you will find that it is riveted to the metal shroud covering the engine. With the plastic removed you should see 3 bolts in front to remove, the gas tank fits in 2 slots in the back of the shroud, remove the tank by pulling up and you will find the other 2 bolts then only one more the oil dipstick tube has a bolt that will need to be removed also. Take care to clean around the dipstick tube as it will most likely pop out at least once and open a path for dirt to your oil supply.
Personally I have found with these that it is easier to thread the rope with the spool still in the shroud, it may not seem like it at first, but once you see how the spool is connected ....if your spool has a round knotch in it, once you get the rope threaded you can pull the rope up into the knotch and wind the spool to get rewind tension on the spring, if not wind the spool before threading the rope and hold it using something between the vanes of spool and shroud. You will want to start with extra length on the rope and get enuff tension on the spring so that the spool fills with rope, route your rope through the eyes up to the handle and make your final cut so the rope handle will just pull snug to the last eye on the mower handle.
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Hello Bourque289!

You're right, it's riveted! You just remove the entire shroud, not just the rewind assembly. The gas tank is held on with three 5/16" head screws and one 3/8" head bolt on the side toward the rear of the engine on the air filter side. Then remove the dipstick tube and the shroud is held on with 4 3/8" head bolts, 2 in front, and 2 in back.

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