Waxy Substance in fuel bowl


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Waxy Substance in fuel bowl

8HP Kohler on a BCS tiller/tractor, after fixing PTO linkage I tried starting this thing with no luck, it fires with fuel added to carb so I checked the line to the filter and a white milky substance ran out before gas began to flow. When I pulled the sediment bowl on the carb it is dry except for being half full of a white waxy looking stuff. I suspected water until that. The substance when rubbed between fingers does not feel granular, starts out slick like wax but then gets sticky. It is kinda clumped in the bowl but there is a lot of it.
Any ideas what this is or could be. It has set for a few years since last being used so not sure if it has ran any of this through the engine before turning to this state.
When I pulled the tiller tines from the PTO there was a fair amount of water that came out but it looked clean and only minimal signs of surface rust, so I assumed this water was fairly fresh as in from this spring.
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Hello Azis!

The waxy stuff is caused by water. I'm not sure what makes it white and waxy, but it takes time for the water to do this, and it only seems to do this when the water is in the lines and carb, but not in the tank. Who knows...I guess it's some addative or component of the fuel or fuel lines that mixes or reacts with the water. Anyway, clean the carb, replace the lines and filter, and clean and dry the tank and you should be ok.
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Thx for the confirmation Cheese,
I could think of nothing else besides water and the rest of the system tank lines filter and fuel pump showed signs of water but without the white goo..
Now that I have had the chance to look at the carb..its a Walbro, I had to soak it in carb cleaner just to get the needle out and the tip is well not there. The main jet, seat and every other orifice is plugged with rust. Some and maybe most could be reamed but looking at the top of the carb with all the plugs, I dont feel confident in getting this carb back in service. I took it in to the shop where I get my parts, and he was in agreement that it could be made to work, but most likely be a source of misery.
Its a Walbro WHL120730, he called his Walbro distributor and could not find that model. Looking like its a BCS specialty, I called the local dealer for BCS but has not called me back yet.
Its on a BCS 715 Tiller/Tractor...The BCS # is 86140
Any other resources I might look into.....?
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To find a rebuild kit, you needn't look further than your local Kohler Engines dealer. Bring the engine ID numbers to them and they'll set you up with whatever you need. As for the milk like substance in the carb, this only happens when gasoline, water and aluminum come into contact with one another. It is a chemical reaction created by the aluminum. Water and gas alone don't have such a reaction.

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