Craftsman 19HP [email protected] Won't Start


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Craftsman 19HP [email protected] Won't Start

I have a 19hp B&S Engine Model No 917256563 Type no 1624-01 . Run fine til
it ran out of gas then would not start I have changed the plugs, new fuel filter, and selenoid. Sprayed Gum out into the plug holes, fired right up run good until I shut it down, Not it just turns over but won't fire. Help
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Try putting about a teaspoon full of gas in the carb, if it fires you prolly have a fuel restriction. Try loosening the fuel cap. If you have changed the fuel filter, did you get gas coming out of the line when you did? Pull the fuel line off of the carb and make sure you have fuel flow there, if not, then trace the line checking for fuel all the way to the tank. If you get gas to the carb and it fires when adding gas in the throat, then most likely is in the carb itself.
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Hello Shelala929!

Often, when an engine runs out of fuel, it picks up the very last bit of fuel in the tank which contains water and trash. Sounds like you may have gotten some into your carb.

The model # you gave looks like a sears # instead of a briggs number, but it sounds like you have an opposed twin engine, 420000 series. If so, there is a drain plug on the left hand side of the carburetor (when viewed from sitting on the seat). It is a 5/8" or 3/4" plug (depending on year model). Remove it and let the fuel drain into a small container for disposal. Only a small amount will drain. Look into that hole and you will see the main jet. You can remove it to clean it out. If water drained out of the carb when you removed this plug, that would be your problem, and you might be ok by reinstalling the plug and running the engine, but you may well have to flush the fuel system to remove all the water.

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