$50 sentinel riding lawnmower questions

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Cool $50 sentinel riding lawnmower

Hey everyone! i have a few questions about a sentinel riding lawnmower. first, who makes the sentinel. i bought the lawnmower for $50 and it had just had a brand-new $400 B&S engine put on it. i have had to put on a pulley, balde, new battery( didn't need to just wanted to), and two new fron tires so i didn't go in anymore ditches( frontward and backward already). anyway, when i got the mower i started it up and the gear and spring went off the starter so i went and bought a rebuilt one. well after around 10-15 starts the rebuilt one messed up on me and now i have to push mow the backyard. the smalll engine place that i purchased it from won't take it back because they say that i burned up the starter. i told them that when i went to start the lawnmower, the starter would not catch, i checked the starter and it have any stripped teeth or anything else so i just wound the gear to the top like it was supposed to and it cought and lined up just right. i cranked the mower up and the starter gear did not go back down and as soon as it happened i killed the engine. the teeth are strpped out, the gear is supposed to be like this - but it is like this / on the starter now. i called the place and tried to be reasonable with them and told them exactly what happened and they said that it is my fau;t and that i am going to have to pay to have it fixed. i just need a seconhand opion to tell me if it is mine or their fault.
my almostlast question is that my deck does not sit level on my lawnmower. it cuts great but i have to cut it high or it will scalp on that side. i looked under it at it and it is missing one bolt that holds the lawnmower to the chasis and i was wondering if that would help if i got one of those.
my last question is when i turn on my blades the deck shakes back and forth and it they are pretty loud. will the bolt help, a belt holder, or deck wheels. any help on any of these questions will greatly appreciated and welcomed. thanks.

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If you can get the gear to the top of the starter bendix, and let go of it and it moves back down on it's own, then the starter bendix was fine. If you happen to have a bad ignition switch or sticking solenoid, it could have done this. It wouldn't be the starters' fault in that case. If the gear does not move back down freely, then the starter bendix is not in good shape and probably wasn't replaced when it should have been.
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Cool $50 Setinel Mower

The sentinel is manufactured by Murray which is one of the largest manufacturing companies for lawn & garden mowers & tractors. It sounds as though the bendix was defective when you purchased it. If the gear travels up & down without force it is quite possible that it was not rebuilt when the starter was reconditioned. I use a light lithium grease on the flywheel and gear wheels to prevent it from dry running or sticking. It sounds like the people you bought it from just doesn't want to honor the fact that rebuilt means just that. Any part should have been replaced that was defective when the rebuilding process was done. Many times I have found that they just halfway do a rebuilding job. Good luck in you endeavors to get a proper adjustment.

As for your question concerning your mower not being level. If there are any bolts missing or any of the adjustment have lost the pin that holds them in place you will need to replace them. The vibration that you mention could be from anything to bent blade or blades to the spindle bearings on the deck quill housing being in need of replacement. The other thing could be (and I hope it is not this) is that the crankshaft on the engine has been bent somehow by striking something. I hope that I have been able to assist you. Good luck

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my friend has an old stater that he siad that he would sell to me for $5 that he got off of his riding mower. if it doesn't work then i will get spare parts off of it and fix the original stater because all that it needs is a new gear assembly and the top of it. thakns for all the help and your opinions everyone.
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sentinel mower

Sounds like you need to get rid of it.
Its a money pit.
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Welcome to the forums! You are answering an 8 year old post, so it is falling on deaf ears. Check the dates prior to posting. Look forward to your help on other threads.

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