Help indentifing Tecumseh engine year built


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Help indentifing Tecumseh engine year built

I pickup a used Mastercut lawn mower at a garage sale.
It had some problems but nothing that bad.
I was just curious of the year it was manufacutred.
I saw there was a sticky post on idenitifing engine but the problem with
Tecumseh was the year.

TVS = Tecumseh Vertical Shaft
90 = 9 Cubic Inch Displacement
43056A = Specific number for parts identification
8310C = Serial number
8 = Year of manufacturing {1978}
310 = Calendar day of the year {310th day in year of 1978}
C = Assembly line and shift when the engine was built.

How do you tell if it was 78 , 88, or 98, with only one digit?

My engine infor is:
TVS90 43605F Ser 8058A
I can believe this lawn mower was made in 1978 the interior of the steel deck is not rusted that bad for a 26 year old lawn mower. So it is either a 16 or 6 year old lawn mower. By the looks of it is 6 years olds but I am not sure.

Can you tell me what year it was made. I went to the Tecumseh website but I could not find anything there.
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Hello gargoyle!

Tecumseh did not, for some reason, indicate the decade of mfgr. Just the years 0-9. I think that model was not made 16 yrs ago though, so it is probably 6.
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I agree with cheese, I'd say 6 years old. Based on the following: the serial number ends with an "F" and the carburetor is a non-adjustable model. If it were it 16 years old, I'd say it would have an adjustable jet carb. Also, the "F" is a newer designation.
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Lightbulb Tecumseh Engine date of manufacture

I realize this is an old thread, but in case someone needs to know. My Sears lawn mower has a Tecumseh engine model 143.996510 and the D.O.M. is 9137. I know that I purchased this lawn mower new in 1999, so that's definitely the year. The 137 corresponds to May 17th. So, my lawn mower will be 15 years next year and still going strong. All parts are original except for the throttle cable, which I replaced about 2 years back. At this time I'm looking to replace some some parts since the wheels (tires) are looking really worn out. But, heck, I can't ask for more.

It would be nice to estimate how "far" this lawn mower has been driven. A rough calculation:

Lawn size: 50 feet long by 26 wide.
Cut width: 22 inches.
Lanes to cut lawn: 14
Feet traveled each time lawn is mowed = 14 x 50 = 700
Times lawn is mowed per year: 50
Feet traveled per year: 50 x 700 = 35,000
Feet traveled in 15 years: 35,000 x 15 = 525,000
Miles on lawn mower: 99.4318
Hours on engine: 1 hr/each mowing = 50 x 15 = 750 hrs.
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You mow your yard every week of the month, every month of the year? Where do you live? If you can prove you have 750 hours on a tecumseh engine, you are probably holding some kind of record.

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