Used Tractor will not start---Please Help


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Used Tractor will not start---Please Help

I was given a Murry Tractor that had not been run for a few years. after bringing it home and cleaning it up a little I started it with the help of jumper cables to the battery.
I was able to cut my yard so I thought I would spend the money for a battery and a few other items that the tractor needed, after installing the battery in the tractor it would not start even if I jumped it from my truck.
I have made sure all the connections are tight and clean and have even touched the cables to the selonid and to the starter and they turn with no problem so i am now totaly lost.
Please help.
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Cool Murray Tractor

Hello David:

First make sure that all wires are properly connected to the ignition switch if you are trying to start it with the key. If you are trying to jump the engine with cables make sure that the positive and negative cables are clean and firmly tightened to ensure good contact. Since you did not state whether you were using the ignition switch it is hard to determine. When all else fails make sure that the spark plug is in good condition. It is possible that somehow it is grounding out. Try using the positive cable and attaching it to the starter then using the negative cable touch it somewhere there is a good continuity. You didn't state whether you are using the switch. If you go direct from positive to the starter and the back to a good grounding source it should start. Please check to make sure that you are getting good fire to the plug and sufficient fuel for it to start. Good luck.
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Thanks fotr the help.

Yes I am using the switch to try to start. I was able to have the engine turn over by using the cable to the starter so I am thinking that one of the safty switches is bad or the selinoid is bad but I don't know how to check them
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Without the model # on your tractor its hard to be positive but I think most are the same. Your solenoid should have 3 connections, one is 12v from the battery, another like cable goes to the starter, the 3rd should be a spade terminal that comes from your key. Try removing the spade terminal and jump a 12v supply to it, (briefly cross it over to the post on the solenoid that comes from the battery) using caution as the starter may engage. If you can hear the solenoid click or the starter does engage, then most likely it is your key switch or possibly a safter switch, however since you said it had set for years without running, and you had it running and mowing, I would suspect the switch. You can pull the plug from the back of your key switch and check the terminals, use care as the terminals and switch is a bit wimpy especially if coroded, clean the terminals and try it.
If you are familiar with and have a multi meter, there are some other tests you can make.
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After reading your reply it all came together as to the problem, it turned out to be a bad selonid and after replacing all was fine.
THanks for the help

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