Mac 3200 wont run


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Mac 3200 wont run

Hi there,

I have acquired a low time Mac 3200 chainsaw that will not run after starting. I have started it with the aid of a shot of starting fluid, but it will not remain running. I have replaced the primmer bulb and made sure the fuel lines were all clear. I am not up to speed on the carb settings. I am having trouble finding a shop that will even take it in for repair. Any suggestions?
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I don't know anything about your particular saw, so these are just general motor suggestions.

I have seen many small engines killed by letting them sit with gasoline in them. Sometimes gas can jell & varnish in as little as a month or two and gum up everything. I'm betting it's a fuel problem in the carb. Little carbs clog very easily. Take the carb apart and clean the jets & metering holes.

Does the fuel get to the carb. by gravity or is there a fuel pump built into the carb? Some fuel pumps are operated by the intake pressure pulses of the engine case or intake maniflod. Make sure the pressure pulse line and diaphram are clean and in good shape. A tiny crack or pinhole can starve the carb. of fuel. Some other fuel pumps have a tiny "piston" that is moved by the vibrations of the engine. Again, it must be clean to work well.
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Hello go4gopher!

I agree that it sounds like you need to clean the carb and possibly install a kit in it. It has a diaphragm type fuel pump under the square cover with 4 screws on the side of the carb if it has a walbro carb, or 2 screws if it has a zama carb.
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Thanx Guys!

Hey Guys!

Thanx for the input. When I replace the jet screws, what is a good starting point for the adjustment??
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2 full turns out from lightly seated will get it running, but final adjustment will be needed.
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Check the fuel lines for an increase in air bubbles . . .

the fuel line on my McCulloch trimmer rotted and broke inside the fuel tank. I went to Lowes and got some clear fuel line and replaced all the old lines, since it was 12 years old. Anyway, it would start but only run for a while.
-I rebuilt the carb - no change.
-Replaced the spark plug - no change.
-Cleaned the fuel filter - no change.
-Changed the fuel filter - no change.

It was starving for fuel, and I was about ready to buy a new carb . . . .
Finally, I noticed that air bubbles were appearing in the fuel line while it ran, and it would finally die. So I replaced all of the fuel lines again, expecting that there was perhaps an air leak. It ran a little better, but not well.

Comparing the original and new lines, I notice they were the same outer diameter, but the inner diameter was different ?

I went to a mower parts store and bought the correct size fuel line and VIOLA-runs like a champ!!!!!

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