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Question gas grass trimmer

I need help to find out what is wrong with my Mcculloch gas trimmer.
Every time I primer and start would only run for a couple of seconds and die and when I re-start it, it would do the same thing and die, untill it stop from starting. I am just a novice in my home gardening after we have this house a year ago now, will any body please help me diagnose this thing and I will be willing to work on it as long as it will run again as usual.
Thank you for any help you could give.
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If you have ever had the fuel lines off, make sure they were replaced in the correct position. (ie-from the tank to carb, then back to tank.) I had a similar problem until I dug up the manual and realized I goofed when I replaced the lines. Swapping them around and it ran like a champ. Next is to ensure that there are no holes in the fuel line and that fuel pick-up is below the level of the fuel in the tank. Very easy to screw this up when you replace the lines. (Ask me how I know.) Seems that I replace the fuel lines every year because the fuel eats away at them, and the lines I get claim to be fuel lines. You can also check the manufacturers webpage for an online manual if you've lost yours.
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your spark arrestor could be clogged up. your weed eater has the same probelms as mine did and cheese, i think azis, and a friend of mine told me that was what was wrong with it. i hope this helps and it is located where the muffler is so you might have to remove that to get to it. just clean it with a wire brush and get out a of the gunk but if it has holes in it just either replace it, get a new one, or just not use one (you have to replce or clean it thogh if you live in california because of emissions.) good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Could be fuel lines leaking air in . . .

I had a similar problem, when the fuel line on my McCulloch 3227 trimmer rotted and broke inside the fuel tank. I went to Lowes and got some clear fuel line and replaced all the old lines, since it was 12 years old. Anyway, it would start but only run for a while.
-I rebuilt the carb - no change.
-Replaced the spark plug - no change.
-Cleaned the fuel filter - no change.
-Changed the fuel filter - no change.

It was starving for fuel, and I was about ready to buy a new carburetor . . . .

Finally, I noticed that air bubbles would start appearing in the fuel line while it ran, and then it would die. So I replaced all of the fuel lines again, expecting that there was perhaps an air leak. It ran a little better, but not well.

Comparing the original and new lines, I notice they were the same outer diameter, but the inner diameter was different ?

I went to a mower parts store and bought the correct size fuel line and VIOLA-runs like a champ!!!!!

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