lawnmower help


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lawnmower help

i posted a while back and was asked to get the model #
MODEL # 21565X8A CODE 7027M (covering all basses)
The problem:
i have a Scotts mower with a Briggs & Stratton Engine
when the mower got warmed it stalled and would not start as if it had no gas but once you let it cool down it would start up and run for a couple of minutes then die

i checked it is receiving fuel
i removed a hose for air just case it was not receiving it just trying anything

thanks for the help
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empty the the fuel tank and remove the bowl a under your carb. move the little piece up gently and fuel should come out or at least it will when you take off the bowl. good luck and let me know how it goes.
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Hello eegan!

Check for spark when it stalls. If you have no spark, you probably have a bad coil. Also, try loosening the fuel cap when it stalls, in case it is developing a vapor lock in the tank due to a bad vent in the cap.
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i will give them a shot thanks
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had it running

well first i checked for spark (good)
2nd draned the tank and look for the ball could not find it i just have no clue about small engines. so i took a blown gun and blow out the hose leading to the carb and then blow air in the carb where the fuel would enter......
ran great for about 45 mins and then died and would not start....
leading up to dieing it started to lose power then "poof" done

getting closer i hope does this mean it is a fuel problem
i am not that dumb yes it had gas a full tank

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The ID #'s you provided are chassis numbers and won't help us with engine related problems...we need the engine numbers. When you checked for spark, was it immediately after it stalled? If so, what color was the spark? Blue or white? You could possibly have a valve-train related would help if we had the engine numbers though.

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