mixing oil in mowers


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mixing oil in mowers

I have an old lawn boy that i just had rebuilt that ive had for 30 yrs. its a model 7260A .I was told to make sure i put plenty of oil in the gas ,because these engines will freze up. by putting more oil in the gas than the mixture calls for 8 oz lawn boy oil per 2 gal gas .shouldnt all that would happen that it would smoke more than usual maybe. it won't harm anything will it. the mower is running great. i just want to make sure it has every chance to stay that way. i do need a grass catcher bag,wire type.if anyone has one.
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Hello Roeboat109!

Use the manufacturer's reccomended oil/fuel mixture. Too much oil can in fact do harm. It causes carbon buildup in the engine and exhaust. It can score up the cylinder and shorten the life of the engine.
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may be to late

engine came to a stop and pulls hard . ive only mowed 6 yards since getting it back hard to believe it would carbon up that fast. any recommendations .is there any way to salvalge this engine?
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Did it turn over any easier after it cooled off? If the clearances for any of the internal parts that were replaced were to tight (not enought) than it would sieze up like you said. Or it you hit something with the blades while mowing. Or didn't have the correct oil/fuel mixture.
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The manufacturers spend piles of money designing, testing, measuring and testing some more before they sell the first engine. Always go by the manufacturer's recommended oil/gas ratio. Do not listen to "Old Fred" down the road at the general store that worked on a couple of mowers a few years ago. The manufacturer actually tests engines untill they are destroyed under the supervision of engineers and scientists to find out what works best. Then they put that hard learned knowledge in the manual to try and prevent us from screwing up. I hope your machine is ok. Remember what you were doing before, got it to last 30 years. A good indication that it was right.
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You said you mixed the fuel/oil heavier but do you know exactly what ratio you did mix it at? This will help us to answer whether carbon build up could be a factor in such a short time. The best way to ensure a long life would be to use synthetic oil mixed at the oil manufacturers recommendation, not necessarily what the engine manufacturer says.

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