Homelite trimmer will not start

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Unhappy Homelite trimmer will not start

I have a homelite gas trimmer that will not even try to start. I have tried the gas, changed spark plugs (yes it is getting power to the plug), took apart the muffler (it was clear) took apart the carb (seemed to be clean)... the only time it even seems like it is trying is when the plug is out. Then at least it sputters as I pull the string. Gas SEEMS to be getting into the cylinder (how can I really know for sure?) and I guess the plug is sparking. I know it is getting power, as I felt it

I have tried starting with the choke on, off, with the air filter taken out, with the adjustment screws in every position, etc.

Is there anything I can try to get this started short of taking it to a repair shop and spending rediculous amounts of money on my used trimmer? I really need to get this running. My battery trimmer will not cut through the stuff growing on the front hill of my yard
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Did you actually see the sparkplug make a spark? Remove the plug, hook the plug wire to it, and rest the threaded end of the plug on the metal on the engine, and pull the rope as if you were starting it. You should be able to see a spark, if it doesn't spark then you need a new plug.
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One of two issues seems apparent here. Either the piston & cylinder is scored (damaged) or the crankcase is flooding excessively. Did you visually inspect the cylinder when the muffler was off? Or, if you do in fact have sufficient spark and the plug is still getting wet, then the carburetor is dumping fuel into the crankcase - a carb recon will be in order. If you have a scored piston & cylinder - go buy a new machine.
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Did you try squirting a little fuel into the plug hole then reinsert the plug and try to start it? If it starts you have a fuel flow problem. If it doesn't I would clean the carb regardless of how clean it looks. From my limited experience shellac is colorless. Post again after this.
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Thumbs up got it

OK thanks everyone! I took the carbeurator completely apart and sprayed about a half a can of carb cleaner into every little hole, then let it dry.. it finally started, but was running VERY rough, and I noticed the primer bulb was empty, so I got in and took off the fuel filter (how am i supposed to get a new one back in the gas tank now?) and started it, and it is running fine (although it will not idle without eventually quitting) and sometimes seems to have a misfire or knock, in which case i just turn it off and start it back...

On another note, i have learned to never use one of those heads with the three little blades on a trimmer.. I got it running and got a good portion of the hill done and bam, I hit a rock... two of the blades came off, luckily one landing somewhere in the bushes next door, and one on the road somewhere. Glad no neighbors were outside and no cars were driving by.. though as I realized how lucky I was a car drove right next to me.. I will stick to the string head that came with it...

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