need mower with oomph!


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need mower with oomph!

i had a rider, nice knockdown with a lousy finish, and poor manuverability, theres nothing like smacking a gas meter . now i got a little mulcher, nice finish but its slow and has no guts. 1 have two 1/4 arce lots to mow, one mine the other grandma's. the mower i have now, a selp-propelled mulcher/side discharge was hard to find. i HATE bagging mowers, there designed to bag not to mulch or spit. ahhh im frustrated, sometimes i want to put the rider engine on the mulcher Tim Allen style *grunt, grunt* any suggestions on a self propelled with enough balls to mulch an overgrown yard.
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Sounds like your asking for a field and brush mower
Mulching mowers are not designed to make manacured lawns out of pasture, and can only lead to frustration and short lived mower.
There are plenty of mowers that will side discharge/bag/mulch. Puey, Cheese or some other happy owners may have better opinions on which brands/models due to their extended experience.
My push mower is a 25yr old Toro, (only reason I know its Toro is because the name is Raised/Stamped in the deck ) with no saftey lever no primer only choke and gas and go rrrrrRRRRRRR!!!!!
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My XMARK 27 Kohler liquid cooled is a 60" cut and it has lots of Ooomp!
I use it at home only no yard cutting. Its a fast and cuts great.
Pick you one up tomorrow you will be glad you did.
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The best suggestion I can make is not let the yard get over grown. Mulching works best when taking only a little off the top, not very well when knocking 6" of damp grass off and trying to chew it up too. The other possibility is let the mower discharge the clippings when it is tall and rake it up later.
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bontai make very good points to follow. Another trick to help out would be to raise the top rpm by 4 or 5 hundred revs. I'll leave it up to the non-shop-owners to tell you how to do this. You should help them to help you by providing the engine ID #'s though.
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id rather not tweak the rpm, something about smacking a rock or stump and having the blade wing through thin murray sheetmetal doesnt sound appealing. im not talking 6" more like 3" of suburban dry grass bogs this pos. Murray from walmart with a 5HP B&S. ive had a dozen mowers, no i didnt kill em, they were dead when i got em. people always gave em to me, usually with clogged carbs. i get em going for a while but there was always something. thats why i bought a new one, i was tired of fixing them and the smell of rancid carb floats. still flooded floats were better than diaphram carbs, they can go STRAIGHT to hell imo. i thinking more touque'y here, something with oomph behind the swing rather than faster. im sure Fatdaddy's 60" xmark does the trick but i need to get in tight spots.
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Try springing for a mower with a kawasaki or honda engine. They have good governor response and do the job well.
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i have a yazoo 20 inch self propelled mower with a 4 hp. 2-cycle briggs.
i have cut knee high wet fescue with very little power fade. bad thing is they do'nt make this mower anymore. maybe you can buy a small commercial
walk behind mower my neighbor has a 14hp. 48 in. cut yazoo with a wisconsin
sovreign engine and a 5 speed peerless transmission. these type of machines are made for such abuse.

good luck,
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yeah baby! (drool drool)

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