Techumsa Lawn Mower Engine: LOCKED


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Techumsa Lawn Mower Engine: LOCKED

I am an idiot. I filled the oil in my lawn mower engine past the mark where the dipstick says "CAUTION: Do not add oil past this line".

Now, my mowers engine is locked and I can't hardly even pull the cord out an inch. Is the engine hosed? Or can I train the oil, remove the spark plug and dry to pull the cord repeatedly until the engine is clean of most the oil?

I filled it pretty high, not just 'a little' over the line. I was going for a full fill and started the engine (when it began to exume white smoke I stopped it).

please advise...
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Unless there was an earth shattering *KABOOM* your probably ok. Just drain the oil, pull the plug and let it drain for a while. While its draining slowly pull the cord with the spark plug out kinda let the rings wipe the cylinder walls down. Also listen and feel for anything not you do so. You may want to have a new plug on hand for startup, you can try cleaning your old one and use it to begin with as there will likely be some oil and smoking at first. If it doesnt want to start with the old plug, check for spark with the new one and try it. When it starts let it run for a minute or two then recheck oil and spark plug.
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Sorry I didn't catch this one initially, but, the reason the engine wouldn't pull over was that you had oil in the combustion chamber (as a result of it being well over-filled). And since you can't compress oil, the piston wouldn't move past top dead center. I'm sure you have since figured that out but want to be goes it now? There will be no adverse side effects from doing this, just a mess on your well as the spark plug, air filter and the muffler.

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